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Office Cleaning

At Clean Habit, we know that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach to office cleaning. Every client has their own specific requirement which may be industry specific, company specific or personal preference. We understand that different services and cleaning approaches may be needed in various office settings to accommodate specific needs, financial constraints, access availability and business models. 

Clean Habit has you covered whether you require skilled office cleaners or a team to sanitize your commercial space to safeguard clients, staff and visitors. 

Cleaning alone isn’t all that Clean Habit’s office cleaning entails. Our goal is to provide a company’s employees and clients with hygienic workspaces. The simplest method to enhance your work environment is to maintain a clean and hygienic work environment. 

There are many challenges to maintaining that clean and hygienic work environment that you strive for:

Sharing phones and a computer mouse,  together with  “hot desking,” exacerbates the hygiene issue. 

Employers are required by law to maintain a clean and safe working environment. A messy workplace is frequently recognised as a factor in employees leaving for other positions, which increases your recruitment and training expenses.

Consumables and Hygiene Supplies

Clean Habit provide a large range of consumable products, hygiene services and rental equipment.  We have an extensive network of service provider partners.

From toilet tissue and paper towels to liquid soap, doormats, tea towels, and coffee we offer a tailored selection to suit our customer requirements.

We can arrange for the installation of new hand towel and soap dispensers

We have you covered

The above list is only a sample of how we can assist with all your cleaning and hygiene requirements

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